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Finlandiya Projesi, "LOST"

Body – suit, clothes as the cover of the body.
Soul – the body as a cover of the soul.
Ice as the illusionary permanence.
Fire as the illusionary transience.
Loneliness of an individual in solitude,
loneliness of the individual in the group, in the crowd,
in the world, in the universe.
Loneliness of the human kind.
Reality of aimless motion.
Dependence on the material world, on the motion.
On the life cycle, on the nature cycle, on the world cycle.
On circulation.
Dissatisfaction with the situation, with the current position,
with the past, with the future.
What remains?

Longing for transcendence?

A dance of memories, dance of dreams, dance of illusions, dance of birth, hope and death. The personal history disappears with the last memory.

Reality overtakes.

ICY PLAINS - project by Kemal Tufan (TR)

Naked, blue with cold, bodies of dancers, flickering in the faceless crowd
and the time with the flame thrower burning the empty human shells and
cleaning the stage.

Concept: Kemal Tufan (TR), Martin Zet (CZ)

1000 of figures made out of frozen clothes (with the help of the students from the art schools) on the empty ice plain in the north of Finland. A monument of the crowd. It’s not a monument of Chin Che’Shuan army, neither of the holocaust. It is a monument of human kind. Of the (lost) hope.

Project consists of 5 parts:

1) installation – creating 1000 figures from the water (ice), wire and cloths and installing them on the ice plain in …. (with the help of thestudents from the art schools in……), Finland

2) composition – music composed for the installation by ………

3) dance – dancers choreographed by……dancing among the figures

4) decomposition – 1 or few people dressed up thoroughly with covered face burn (melt) down with the flame throwers the figures and clean the remainders from the scene (plain).

5) silence